Mask Packs - Yellows
Mask Packs - Yellows
Mask Packs - Yellows
Mask Packs - Yellows
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Mask Packs - Yellows

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Double layer cotton washable / reusable mask.
Internal pocket for a third layer in the form of a replaceable/removable filter (3 filters included)
Elastic ear loops

Two sizes available: 
Small: Child 5yr+ 
Medium: Teen / Women   

Note: For Hygiene reasons, masks cannot be exchange or returned  

 Our face masks are manufactured according to the recommended guidelines set out by the South African Dept. of Trade, Industry and Competition and have the following specifications:

• The Mask is made of two layers of non-irritable 100% cotton woven fabric for use by the general public.
• The Mask has a third barrier layer in the form of a replaceable/removable filter made of non-woven fabric.
• This mask must be used in combination with other hygiene methods of prevention
i.e. hand washing.
• Mask is breathable, comfortable, and durable.
• Mask can be disinfected by washing in hot water and soap or 40deg cycle and preferably ironed.
• Cotton masks can be washed and re-worn indefinitely without the removable filter,
we recommend the filter be inserted when wearing in an environment where there is
more risk.
• Each removable filter can be used 2-3 times
• Elastic ear loops


Please note: These masks will not prevent you from contracting the Covid-19 virus, instead, it will reduce the transmission of droplets if you do cough/sneeze as well as reduce inhaling large droplets from others.

More information on Fabric Masks can be found here