Above: Sara (2012) Mina Moo and Baby's first brand rep and inspiration behind the brand 

During our time working in the UK, my husband and I dreamt of returning to Cape Town to start a family, find a good work life balance and give back to the community.

In 2011 we returned to South Africa, Sara was born and I was able to break away from the corporate world and just enjoy being Mommy! As much as I was loving every minute, I found it hard to find a selection of quality baby accessories that were both functional and fashionable.

We were unable to pay excessive prices buying from abroad so out came the sewing machine (a skill I learnt growing up as my mom worked in the manufacturing industry for over 40 years) and I started creating some baby accessories. In addition to the joy I was getting from designing and sewing for my little one, I was getting plenty of compliments and requests from other moms and this is where the idea of turning my hobby into a brand was born.

All that was left before I could leap head first into the world of momtrepeneurship was... what do we call it? Why ''Mina Moo and Baby'' you ask? The credit goes to my primary school days where I was nicknamed ''Mina Moo'' taken from my name and the ''and Baby''... well, we have our little one and muse to thank for that :)

We launched the company and our first product, the dribble bib, at the Mamma Magic Show at the CTICC in October 2012.

Overwhelmed by the positive response, we steadily introduced innovative products, ensuring that these are functional and without ever compromising on style and quality. As soon as the business was established enough to wholesale to stores, production increased and we were able to start creating work for others.

As we continue to organically grow Mina Moo and Baby (our brand and family), our commitment is to do so with the same values we set out with from the start... family, balance and giving back.

Thank you for supporting small business :)