Proud moments May 16 2017, 0 Comments

Hey Mina Moo's!

Have not posted in a while, and that's because running a business with 2 kids in tow is proving more difficult than I imagined. Add school runs, running a household, baby crawling and now running about, things tend to get a bit manic most days. 

Adam started walking at 10 months and needless to say I operate on his time not mine ha ha

I am super proud of my baby's moments, even my 3rd baby Mina Moo! lol 

When you get messages from customers who spot our products in magazines or social media, woah! more proud moments! 

Our products have been spotted on these beautiful momma's cubs. Rolene Strauss, Juliana Vermeiren, Wardah HartleyAngie Durrant and Angelique Potgieter. So super chuffed to see they love our products just as much as I do. Super proud moments for sure!

Click on the links to follow these fabulous moms on their journey of motherhood.




Mina Moo new product launch November 08 2016, 16 Comments

Ssssso excited to finally introduce our new product! Its our multi functional cover which can be used as a fitted infant car seat cover, a feeding cover as well as a trolley cover.

I've been working on this project for about 7 months now and cannot believe its finally time for the big reveal! I have a ton of product ideas but launching something is a lot harder that one would think. Research, sourcing materials, designing, packaging and testing - all these things take time and time is what you dont have when you heavily pregnant with baby no.2, running a business and a then 4 year old attached to your leg. Needless to say the project hit a pause once baby arrived so its been a long road but happy with the final outcome! I can honestly say I absolutely love this product! Its a staple for any new mom as I use mine all the time. I remember the 1st time using it back in May in hospital and every nurse I passed literally stopping me to ask me about it and saying how amazing it is, I knew then I was onto a winner! 

The main use is a modern fitted infant car seat cover, it protects little one from the elements, ensures privacy which is perfect for a newborn. It has a contoured air opening that fits over a infant car seat so you able to check up without disturbing your little one. It can also be used as a feeding cover on the go and later on as a trolley cover - I love that its multi functional which means a space saver in the all important nappy bag and getting the best possible value for money. 1 product, 3 uses! Our 1st range is monochrome stripes because babies love high contrast of course :) The fabric is lightweight and super soft, gentle enough for baby and fashionable enough for mom to wear.

Enter our giveaway below to win 1 for yourself!


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2 strapping it with two August 23 2016, 0 Comments

As a new mom of 2, I can honestly say I need about 8 arms to get through the day, more so when we out and about. Outings are strategically planned when you have a 4 year old and new baby in tow. So this time around I opted for a backpack baby bag to free up my hands just to make things a little easier when on the move. Those that know me know I am a streamline packer, I accredit that to years of travelling so my baby bag is no different. I wanted something small but practical and that doesn't scream 'baby' as I would need it for my day to day activities too. Although I would have loved a leather baby bag I found it quite bulky and as a mom and business woman on the move I needed light-weight for sure.

I stumbled across Sivart on Instagram and immediately knew I had to have it. These backpacks are fantastic quality, locally made (bonus!) lightweight and trendy. It has 2 zipped compartments and a inside pocket for smaller items or wallet.

See the Grid backpack in action


So whats in Mina Moo's baby bag?

Streamline baby bag packing at its best!

1. Change of clothes : 1 top and 1 bottoms

2. At least 3 bibs - so I am going to be biased and say that I love Mina Moo bibs! they lightweight and instead of changing an entire outfit after a spit-up you change the bib, easy peesy! less bulk for your baby bag too :)

3. Sticky Fudge lightweight blanket - I use mine as a feeding cover too

4. 3 nappies and travel size wipes

5. Oh Lief bum balm for baby- organic and natural whats not to love! and a Oh Lief travel size aqueous cream for me - I always find my hands are dry when washing up after a nappy change. Baby sorted! Mom sorted! 

5. Extras: Mina Moo dummy clip and Fox and Moon plushy/rattle 

6. Sivart bag flap doubles as a change mat for baby's bottoms, although there is enough space to pack a separate change mat.

7. Extra space to do with as you please! Milk bottles? Baby snacks? Baby hat? Change mat?


The art to streamline packing is to:

* Buy travel size items or use small containers for your bum creams etc and top up as needed
* Pack items that have multiple uses
* Think about what you will be doing for that day and pack plus 1 x worse case scenario, not worse case scenario x 3 lol! I know for us moms that is probably the most difficult part as its in our female genes to have options and more options! ha ha ha  

Thank me later! 

Mina Moo has a new in house model August 22 2016, 0 Comments

Poor little Adam is suffering from reflux, just as his big sister did when she was born :( and the whole reason why Mina Moo and Baby was started 4 years ago. Luckily he has a mom who has access to endless amounts of dribble bibs! lol 

Our dribble bibs are made from 100% cottons front and back, no harshies or nasties so its delicate on babies skin perfect for those babies who are dribbling or suffering from reflux. At least Adam gets to spit up in style. #funnynotfunny #thestruggleisreal

Welcome to the world! August 22 2016, 0 Comments

So this little guy joined the Mina Moo family, a healthy baby boy, Adam :)

This post is about 2 months delayed but hey, having a busy 4 year old, new baby and running a business - these days a warm cup of tea is a luxury! Moms really do deserve gold medals or in my case, a warm cup of tea lol!

Thank you all for your patience during this time x 


Did you know... May 02 2016, 0 Comments

Screen print workshop April 25 2016, 0 Comments

This post is rather delayed as I have a new Mina Moo growing in my tummy who is taking up most of my time and energy. 

A couple of months ago I attended the Zana screen print workshop, I have been desperately trying to get onto this workshop since last year but its always booked out in no time as they only run a few workshops a year and space is limited. I finally made it on to the workshop in Feb this year and being 6 months pregnant was not going to stop me ha ha! needless to say their new space in Salt River is amazing! lovely and light! Really learnt some interesting and important industry insider tips.

Mina Moo's ultimate goal is to have our very own designs and have them locally milled and printed in Cape Town #BusinessGoals :)  With the big corporates ever increasing imported clothing over the years starved off our once thriving manufacturing and milling industry in Cape Town, so finding the right prints in the right fabrics is super hard and this is one of the reasons I decided to attend the workshop. If you cant find it, make it.. right!?

Here are some pics of their creative space and some of my designs I screen printed, from scratch I might add, using the stencil method. More pics can be found on our instagram feed.

Mina Moo instagram giveaway July 27 2015, 0 Comments

I love all avenues of creativity so I’ve recently teamed up with the talented @LameezSmPhotography to launch a fantastic collaborative giveaway. 

Already bursting with ideas, I was immediately drawn to the tribal trend as I had these gorgeous tribal print fabrics on hand. In keeping with the tribal theme, I knew I wanted a dense forest scene, teepee and feather headdress to complete the look. And what do you do when you cant find any available? you make them. I made the headdress with bits and bobs from my craft box and the ‘teepee’ was a piece of hessian and trim I had.

So we set off to the forest for our woodland backdrop and precious little Hanan, our mayan muse, teepee, wooden stool and apache headdress in tow. Just a few props but with a talented photographer the results are simply gorgeous. 

Lameez specializes in contemporary child and newborn photography, she loves capturing the spontaneity of children, preciousness of newborns and cuteness of little babies. Her work is classic yet modern and the moment’s she captures are a visual art piece.

To win this Mina Moo and Baby custom made Aztec print luxury blanket, matching dribble bib, dummy clip and snoodi (value R800) follow these 3 simple steps

  1. Follow @MinaMooBaby and @Lameezsm on Instagram
  2. Repost any of the blog post images on instagram tagging @MinaMooBaby, @Lameezsm and 3 friends telling us why you would like to win.
  3. Use the hashtags #lameezsmXminamoobaby #giveaway in your post and make sure your profile is set to 'public' in order for us to track your entry(s) for the duration of the giveaway.

 Entries to the giveaway close Friday 7th August 2015 and winner will be announced Monday 10th August.

Goodluck! x


Giveaway will run from 27 July to 7 August 2015

Follow all 3 steps to enter – this will be verified

You may repost/regram pics as many times as you like over the duration of giveaway but only 1 entry for each picture per day accepted.

Follow all 3 steps for a complete entry and your profile set to public for the duration of the giveaway until winner is announced - this is to enable us to track your entry. 

Winner will be chosen via and announced 10 August 2015


Sneak peek July 23 2015, 0 Comments

Sneak peek of the props for our upcoming photoshoot... Can't wait to share it when done. 

Mina Moo products review June 30 2015, 0 Comments

Recently some of our products was reviewed by the lovely Lisa from The Momma's Blog , have a look at the review here, always happy to hear such positive feedback about our products and especially our quality :)  We only use the finest quality cottons on all our products combined with meticulous workmanship giving you only the best for baby :)