Mina Moo new product launch November 08 2016, 16 Comments

Ssssso excited to finally introduce our new product! Its our multi functional cover which can be used as a fitted infant car seat cover, a feeding cover as well as a trolley cover.

I've been working on this project for about 7 months now and cannot believe its finally time for the big reveal! I have a ton of product ideas but launching something is a lot harder that one would think. Research, sourcing materials, designing, packaging and testing - all these things take time and time is what you dont have when you heavily pregnant with baby no.2, running a business and a then 4 year old attached to your leg. Needless to say the project hit a pause once baby arrived so its been a long road but happy with the final outcome! I can honestly say I absolutely love this product! Its a staple for any new mom as I use mine all the time. I remember the 1st time using it back in May in hospital and every nurse I passed literally stopping me to ask me about it and saying how amazing it is, I knew then I was onto a winner! 

The main use is a modern fitted infant car seat cover, it protects little one from the elements, ensures privacy which is perfect for a newborn. It has a contoured air opening that fits over a infant car seat so you able to check up without disturbing your little one. It can also be used as a feeding cover on the go and later on as a trolley cover - I love that its multi functional which means a space saver in the all important nappy bag and getting the best possible value for money. 1 product, 3 uses! Our 1st range is monochrome stripes because babies love high contrast of course :) The fabric is lightweight and super soft, gentle enough for baby and fashionable enough for mom to wear.

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