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This post is rather delayed as I have a new Mina Moo growing in my tummy who is taking up most of my time and energy. 

A couple of months ago I attended the Zana screen print workshop, I have been desperately trying to get onto this workshop since last year but its always booked out in no time as they only run a few workshops a year and space is limited. I finally made it on to the workshop in Feb this year and being 6 months pregnant was not going to stop me ha ha! needless to say their new space in Salt River is amazing! lovely and light! Really learnt some interesting and important industry insider tips.

Mina Moo's ultimate goal is to have our very own designs and have them locally milled and printed in Cape Town #BusinessGoals :)  With the big corporates ever increasing imported clothing over the years starved off our once thriving manufacturing and milling industry in Cape Town, so finding the right prints in the right fabrics is super hard and this is one of the reasons I decided to attend the workshop. If you cant find it, make it.. right!?

Here are some pics of their creative space and some of my designs I screen printed, from scratch I might add, using the stencil method. More pics can be found on our instagram feed.

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