Behind the name...

I always get comments from people saying they love the brand name and want to know how I came up with it. The first thing that pops into peoples minds is the old school show we used to watch on telly growing up in the 80's, but this is not the case. When I first started the company about 2yrs ago, I was brainstorming ideas, names and colours and finally narrowed it down to Mina Moo and Baby.

‘Mina Moo’ was my nickname at primary school, probably taken from the 'mina' in my name and this just stuck in the back of my mind as I liked the play on words. The ‘and baby’ of course if my little Sara who is the inspiration behind our products and in house model ;) When it came to designing the logo I researched thoroughly and knew I needed someone that will understand my ideas and style. I wanted our logo to be modern and simple but with bright funky colours, after all, that is what Mina Moo products are all about.

This led me to ‘A is My Favourite Letter’ design services. The designer is the lovely Corli Sadie, who loves all things beautiful from designing to photography. Her talent together with our requirements created the Mina Moo and Baby logo. Her attentive manner, design expertise and professionalism make her invaluable and Mina Moo and Baby would recommend her to anyone. Have a look at her lovely website 


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